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Known For Sourcing, Importing, And Selling Top Dressage Horses

While we have earned recognition for sourcing and delivering top-tier dressage horses to national and international clients, our commitment goes beyond sales. We take pride in extending our expertise to offering enjoyable and relaxing training, educational clinics, expert judging and the seamless coordination of buying trips to Europe.


Buying and Sales Program

Our sales horses and consignment horses are carefully chosen for training and marketing.

Our sales program is inclusive of board at a 5-star stable in Wellington, FL with grassy turnouts, euro walker, covered Arana and full grooming.

All riding and training is done by Grand Prix Riders, USEF Gold medalists, and a USDF dressage judge (no working students or assistants).

Sourcing and Buying Trips to Europe

We offer seamless coordination of buying trips to Europe.

This includes pre-sourcing horses within a client's specifications, budget and scheduling to try horses in person.

Lastly, we oversee the entire process of importing top dressage horses to the USA. Over the years we have built trusted relationships with equine transportation companies and can handle the import process entirely to ensure your horse arrives home safely.

Relaxed and Enjoyable Training

We provide full training services from training level to Grand Prix where relaxed and enjoyable training is our priority.

Experience on-site lessons at our stables with your own horse, and when available, take advantage of lessons with one of our schoolmasters. We also extend our services to travel to your stable within the Wellington, FL area.


Educational Clinics

We travel regularly for educational clinics around the United States.

Clinics are a great way to elevate your riding through fresh eyes with an outside perspective to find opportunities to fill in the gaps in your riding and training experience.

Our clinics are taught by our Grand Prix Rider and USDF Gold Medalist who understands that each rider and horse is unique and adapts accordingly to elevate your riding.  

Expert Judging

We offer expert USDF "R" dressage judging in person as well as remotely across the United States.

With a strong foundation in training, competitive riding, and coaching, our commitment to impartiality, clear communication, and continual education ensures a professional and enriching judging experience, contributing to the success, integrity, and reputation of your dressage events.

Show Coaching and Riding

We offer show coaching to keep you confident as you make your way down centerline, or alternatively, we can ride your horse down centerline for you.

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Learn about the people behind MRK Dressage and how their journeys have created a unique business that connects US buyers with opportunities to access top horses in Europe.